Instagram Monetized through Image Search on SNAP by IQON

Fashion shopping online can be fun, but it can also be the most frustrating thing in the world, because when you like something you saw in a magazine, paparazzi photo, or on Instagram and you go looking for it, finding a needle in a hay stack would be easier.

How many times have you seen things on Gigi or Lady Gaga that you absolutely wanted but have no clue where to find it or something like it?

It is one thing when it is as simple as trying to find a pair of sleek black skinny jeans and pointy toe ballet slipper a la Kate Moss. But it is quite another when you want to find something a bit more designed, textured, and colorful.

Putting Words to Styles is SO HARD!

For example, say you like that green skirt and (what color IS that???) pink/red fluffy bag in this photo. How would you go about shopping for these things?

After hours of searching images on Google or in Polyvore, you might just need to run into ZARA to see if you get lucky? If only it was not 1 am, the peak e-commerce time in Japan.

So, comes a savior to save women with an e-commerce platform where pictures are worth a thousand words, literally.

SNAP by IQON, launched in March 2017, is using its Instagram account to monetize Instagram like no one else.

The company who operates the site and account, VASILY, Inc. has rounded up approximately 60 models and style icons who are popular on Instagram. When these Instagram fashion icons post images, they appear on SNAP's account. 

SNAP analyzes the images using AI (artificial intelligence), and makes recommendations on the various items it detects be it a dress, bag, shoes, a T shirt, skirt, or trousers. 

The recommendations are pulled from over 200 different e-commerce sites that VASILY is affiliated with. And thus, is able to offer a wide range of prices as well. 

Now that Instagram and apps like Starttoday's WEAR is changing the way the fashion conscious are gathering information on what to wear and how to wear them, fashion magazines alone are not the "go to" destinations. And while fashion catalogues are becoming more sophisticated, they are restricted by lead times and print runs.

The real trends happening now linked to buy now platforms are accelerating the demand for such services as SNAP by IQON.

UNIQLO has also released an image search function in their app, where customers can upload a photo onto image search from their smartphones and UNIQLO will find items on their site that are similar to the items worn in the photo. The images to be uploaded do not need to be of UNIQLO clothing, but UNIQLO will find something UNIQLO that is closest to the image.