There is Cloud for Computing and "Clean and Store" for Virtual Closet Space in a Country Where the Average Apartment Is 25 sqm or Less

Cloud computing has made its mark to expand your digital storage space both at home and work.  In a country where the average apartment for singles is 25 sqm or less, according to a questionnaire by popular young adults free publication R25, there is virtual closet spaces you can hire "for free" when you get your boots, futons, and coats cleaned.

A typical one-bedroom apartment is 21 to 25 sqm and costs around 60,000 yen per month to rent

Some companies call it e-closet, as in the case of Kikuya, a professional dry cleaning service chain, and others have more analogue names.

The idea is basically the same: send for a box or bag for your boots, futon, coats and other garments, have them dry cleaned and they will store it for you until next season at no extra charge! Yes, you read it right - consumers pay for the dry cleaning, which is anywhere from 1,000 yen to 5,0000 yen, depending on the item and the number of items you send - and storage up to 6 months is thrown in for free!

Professional storage not only helps ease up space in the cramped abodes, but also reduces risk of mold and other unpleasant incidents during the off season.

With public transport being the main mode of commute for most urban dwellers in Japan, dry cleaners large and small offer free pick up and delivery. With dry cleaning prices being so low - a business shirt can be cleaned and pressed for under $2.00 per item - the overhead for the pick and delivery must be a huge drain on the bottom line but a cost of doing business.

And cleaners are not the only ones in this game. Shoes and bags repair chain Mr. Minute has also launched a repair, clean, and store service for boots. They offer three courses:

  1. Clean and store
  2. Clean, repair and store
  3. Clean, recolour and store
Prices start from 1,980yen for a woman's smooth leather shoe/boot.