Isetan Shinjuku Sees 60% Increase in Sales Over Previous Year After Renovation

According to the Saturday SENKEN, distributed on 8 December 2012, Isetan Shinjuku announced that sales of womenswear accessories increased by 60% over the same period the previous year in one week following the completion of its renovation on 28 November.

The accessories floor space has been doubled from prior to the renovation with 30% to 50% more SKUs on the shelves. Isetan claims to have not only bulked up on the moderate price zone items, its mainstay for this category, but also focused on enhanced quality.

In the first week following the renovation, there was 23% more foot traffic and average purchase value per customer was 25% higher, bringing the average unit purchase price up by 2,000 yen. There was no significant change in the highest volume price range, but Isetan says that there were substantially more purchases in the higher price zone. In particular, for scarves, its second price rage of 26,000 yen as well as the more expensive 40,000 to 50,000 yen range did well. The most popular leather gloves were priced from 13,000 to 19,000 yen; hats did well in the 13,000 yen, 20,000 yen, and 40,000 yen price ranges. Thanks to the increase in the higher quality (and priced) merchandise, higher volume sales were recorded in those items.

The key focus of the renovation was to re-zone the floor to better fit how customers shop. Items were split into those that are purchased alone and those that are coordinated with other items such as clothing.

The former consists of handkerchiefs, vanity cases, and umbrellas, that are now located along the major passages. Items that are coordinated with other items such as belts, gloves, stoles, hats, and hair accessories are concentrated in the center of the space.

Isetan also added new categories in womenswear such as glasses and sunglasses, accessories watches, and bag organizers. At the same time, brooches have been merchandised near the scarves, and eyewear accessores were added as well. As it is off season for sunglasses, 70% of sales of eyewear were for glasses with branded frames of popular brands selling well.

Loyal customers who are entitled to 10% discounts when using the house card recorded an 80% increase in sales over the same period, making multiple purchases along with apparel.

Isetan increased the number of sales assistants on the floor and added two new changing rooms. Large tables are merchandised with a mix of brands and items, and there are now five times more small, medium, and large mirrors on the floor.

Additional personalized services are also on offer - some for free, others at a fee - such as a wider selection of wrapping materials, embroidery service for handkerchiefs, and a skin colour diagnosis system to assist in the selection of stockings.

The promotional space has also been expanded to feature products according to fashion styles, occasions, and as solutions.

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