How exactly does Swarovski justify a $200 price difference on a $270 (in the US) ring?

I have been a rather passionate patron of Swarovski jewelry to date.

And I was blissfully browsing in a Swarovski boutique recently, admiring their 2011 A/W collection, when this very chic ring caught my eye.

It is everything I love in colour - deep purple and kingfisher!

And I have its cousins in red and black (featuring star shaped crystals).

But what made my blood freeze is the price.

The US price is $270.

The Japanese price is 36,700yen, or US$470.

Just how does Swarovski plan to justify that price difference???

OK, we are used to brands charging a 30% premium, or maybe even 50%.

But 74%???

What do they take us Japanese girls for???

And they wonder why consumption in Japan is going down. ARGH!

I am totally ticked off by this and feel absolutely offended!!!


  1. The 2010 Big Mac Index says US was $3.73 vs. Japan being 320 yen or $3.67

    So, should brands still charge the Japanese consumer a premium?


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