Private Shopping Clubs are now the Norm - when will Geosocial Networking take off?

It seems to be a big deal that Gilt is teaming up with Target.

Target to Launch Flash Sale on Gilt for Fall Designer Lines

But in Japan, has teamed up with Brands4Friends, legitimizing the business model in the eyes of high fashion.

This had a bit more impact than Glamour-sales teaming up with popular fashion glossy, SPUR; VOGUE and ELLE still hold down their places at the top end of the trend setting hierarchy.

But nonetheless, as the popularity of outlet malls continue in Japan, such private shopping clubs are becoming more the norm than an Industry outsider.

On top of that, Gilt has been selling discounted concierge service memberships and Starbucks deals as well, so they are moving more and more into the Groupon business area, utilizing their membership base and flash sales platform.

Foursquare and geosocial networking has yet to take off in Japan, but these social flash sales sites are definitely here to stay.

The key for geosocial networking to take off is to ensure that they work more on Keitai mobile platforms and not just on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry - smartphones. It will be interesting to see who gets that right first.