Online Customer Service - the Japan Blue Way: MOMOTARO JEANS

I love jeans - there is no doubt about that.
How else could I explain the 200+ pairs in my wardrobe and my constant need to keep adding to it?

And being Japanese is a wonderful thing when it comes to some of the world's best denim - THEY MAKE THEM HERE!

And my latest obsession is to get my hands on - or more accurately, my bum in - a pair of authentic Japan Blue, MOMOTARO JEANS.

Though I LOVE the classics, I am not like the 507-loving, boot cut guy;
or the 1950s style Levi's 501 loving, regular or relaxed fit enthusiast.
Nor am I the "it's gotta be painted on" skinny aficionado.

I love a good tight straight as much as I love a clean straight punch to my opponent's chin in a good fight.

With MOMOTARO, the choices seem to be:

the 14.7oz Ultra Dark Tight straight jeans from their bronze label

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Or, the 15.7 oz Super Dark Tight Straight 0705SP from the SHUTSUJIN Label:

I read somewhere that anything over 14oz can only be woven in Japan.

I have a 24 oz SAMURAI 510XX and 21oz as well as the 19 oz from SAMURAI - and the 24oz jeans stand up on their own - without me in them! (NOT kidding!)

I am not quite sure which is better for me, so I wrote to MOMOTARO JEANS to ask what they would recommend, and this is what they said:

"Judging from what you describe, the best recommendations we have for you are the (same as above).
If you would like, we can send you one of each for you to try on."

The last line really blew me away. 

I could hear some of my friends saying, "This would only happen in Japan" - trusting me with $460 worth of jeans just to try them on!
And I have never bought from them before - amazing that they were not tempted to suggest that I go visit one of their retailers or stores.

I have a very good relationship with SAMURAI JEANS because they are based in Osaka, and only a 20 minute train ride away from home.

I love their YAMATO series - they grow their own cotton right here in Japan, have it spun, woven, and then sewn into their YAMATO series jeans. Last year's version was the best ever and the tightest fitting ever series SAMURAI has manufactured - EVER!

And when I ask them, they will put aside any number of pairs for me even if I don't rock up for a month!
But they know me.
I have a history and a relationship with them.

MOMOTARO does not know me.

I just told them that I love jeans and I own SAMURAI, Mizra, EVISU, Ossa Mondo, Chikiriya, and a whole host of others on top of the usual suspects - EDWIN, LEE, LEVI's, Earnest Sewn, Earl Jean...

And they will trust me with two pairs or two sizes each of two models if that is what I need.

Of course, I am going to take advantage of this - and will keep you posted!


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